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Whether you're planning something fun for your birthday or organizing an upcoming business function, or just a night out of fun, book our escape rooms for a unique experience. Enjoy the best escape room in Bixby, OK. Our friendly staff will go above and beyond to make your game experience as enjoyable as possible. Check out the fun-filled escape adventure rooms Escape Hatch- Bixby offers. Call us to learn more.


Ice Storm

Players: 2-7
Time: 60 Min
Success Rate: 60%
Game description:
You have been invited to a watch party at John Sindles house for the 2009 National Championship football game between Oklahoma and Florida. The field is full of pro prospects and the game is anticipated to be one for the ages.
However, tragedy strikes in the form of an ice storm one hour before game time and has taken out your street's power supply. Much worse, the cheese dip is getting cold! In order to enjoy the game, and all the commercials, you must find your way outside to turn on the backup generator.
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* N. Cheney Lane and S. Castell Manor *

Players: 2-7 per room
Time: 60 Min
Success Rate: North 31.5% South 32%
-Both rooms can be booked to accommodate up to 14 people-

Game description:
Get ready for a different adventure where YOU ARE THE VILLAIN in this exciting escape room experience. You and your friends are the founding members of the notorious outlaw biker gang, The sons and daughters of Hades. Short on cash, you and your gang are on a home invasion spree in the tri-state area.
You have successfully broken into eight mansions in the Missouri-Arkansas-Oklahoma area in the past six months and are working on another. You have found a secret tunnel into the mansion. However, a load-bearing wall collapses and your escape route is demolished. The only way out is to crack the safe, grab the cash, then deactivate the alarm system and walk right out the front doors. If it were only that easy! For larger groups: There might be an issue with another gang that has the same idea. One team starts in the Cheney Lane Room and the other starts in the Castell Manor Room. You still want to get out in an hour, but an added bonus is to get out before the other team. GAME ON!!!
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