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Escape Room

An escape room is a game room designed for fun and adventure. The players are locked in a mysterious room full of clues and puzzles that they need to solve within a set time in order to escape!

Escape Hatch - Bixby brings you this amazing experience. Our puzzles are challenging and our staff is friendly, to make your experience special. We offer more challenging rooms that you and your team will love to solve! Book now or call us for more details..


Are you available for corporate and team building events?

Yes, we can accomodate many different event arrangements. If you have an extra-large group we can make arrangements for your group and times. Call the booking manager at (918) 808-1392 for specific questions relating to your party. We are usually able to customize your party to fit your needs.

How much are your rooms?

We have rooms that hold 2-7 escapees for $80 . Our special room holds 1-5 escapees starting at $60. For details about our rooms, please read about our adventures under the Rooms page.

How much do you charge per person?

All of our bookings are priced per room. Why would you want to be locked in a room with strangers? All of our rooms are private so only the people you bring with you will be in the room with you. The cost of the room doesn't change, however we can help divide up the cost between people in your group if needed.

Do I need any prior knowledge to help me in the rooms?

No, everything you need to be successful and solve all of the puzzles can be found in the room. You do not need any outside knowledge. Well, a brain would help, obviously.. but It's not necessary. We just focus on logic puzzles, hidden objects, clever tricks, and a fun atmosphere.

Do you allow walk-ins?

Calling ahead is the best option for ensuring rooms are available. Booking online requires 2-hours advanced notice. If time is short, call.

Are children allowed to participate?

Yes, kids under 14 are welcome in our rooms when accompanied by an adult. If you don't mind being locked in a room with them, feel free to bring them. Our room capacities are there for your comfort, please remember this when bringing children.


We offer different levels of challenging rooms that you and your team will love to solve! Book now.

North & South Heist

Have you always wanted to be the villain? Heist is for you then.

Ice Storm

Tragedy strikes in the form of an ice storm.